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Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally a few finishes!

I have been so busy stitching and working I have not posted in a while.  I have finished a few things which is living up to my promise to myself at the begining of the year to at least finish 2 WIPS before starting a new project.

So does this mean I get to start 2???  I am only starting 1...not enough done to really see what I am doing but am also working away on another WIP.  WIP & kitted up box needs some thining out so I have an excuse to kit up more  Couldn't sleep Saturday morning..up at 4 AM so kitted up 5 more projects and into the box they went.

Work has been crazy since the first of the year, getting geared up for our busy season and hopefully will continue to be busy just have to wait and see.

Final phase of dental work begins tomorrow...going in to have the impressions made of my mouth and then...tada...on 4/16/12 I am having there rest of my teeth pulled.  Dentist advised I could spend another fortune on my mouth  but he would make no promises that they would stay. So together we decided this is my best option.  Will leave the office after that with a pretty smile!  I am looking forward to being able to eat pain free for the first time in years.  The old dentist made such a mess of my mouth I don't think anyone could have fixed it.

Will spend the week letting the swelling go down...the pain get under control and stitching and reading...could you ask for a better week?  Will have to be in shape as that Saturday will be PINS and don't want to miss that!