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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's DONE!!

A 5 year WIP is totally complete including mounting and framing.   Linda Myer's Log Cabin Quilt..

I was begining to think it would never get done...I think the next one of hers I am going to do it Rosy Radiant Star...another multi year project.

I am so disappointed in myself...I started a large new project and half-way into the first square I discovered I couldn't do it on the fabric I had...over one just does not work on Aida...(pouting heavily).  That is what I get for not reading the stitching instructions prior to setting it up to stitch.
So more fabric ordered and on to another WIP in the pile.

The munchkins and their mom were here for Christmas Eve and the other son are getting a divorce and I am keeping custody of her and divorcing him. 

Christian was not a happy boy having his picture taken and Logan was more interested in the
They are growing so fast...Christian is such a little man and Logan is going to be a handful...he definitly has a mind of his own.