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Friday, September 2, 2011

Cold Germs....Yech!!!

Who ever sent this cold my way needs to take it back!  I have not had one in a couple of years and now I remember why I don't want another one!

We have 2 new members of the household.  Lucy who is a black and white tuxedo kitten, we found her on the car-port at about age 4 weeks.  Her momma had disappeared and her 2 litter mates were found dead in our yard (we think coyotes got them).  We brought her in the house and she took right to it.

Then there is Sparky.  Tortiseshell kitten my husband found in the parking lot at work.  She is  a little cuddler.  They are fitting right in.  If you sit down they find your lap!
I have gotten quite a bit done on the Alessanda piece.  I might be able to finish it in the next couple of weeks then on to the next project.

It is a little more than half done.  There are a couple of errors in it but by the time I found them I was not going to frog the mistakes!

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