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Monday, November 14, 2011

Long time...

It's been a long time...but a lots been going on...first of all the good things..I have a new grandson!  Logan Chandler Pierce was born on 10-5-11, four weeks early but healthy and happy.  He is now 6 weeks old and growing like a weed! This is his latest beauty shot..

His big brother Christian is not in the least bit jealous but still wants to be #1.

We had a scare with my mom...she went for her 6 month check up so she could leave for AZ and the  oncologist was a little concerned with some of her symptoms and ordered a lot of tests.  One of which was a brain scan.  Seems that when her type of cancer comes back it is usually in the brain.  Rough couple of weeks lots of waiting in hospitals and dr's offices and got the results back and she is still clean..YAHOOOO!  Mom and Dad get to leave next week for AZ and they can't wait, they need to destress.

Work has been crazy and stressful, came very very close a few days ago to being unemployed..took a weekend to think about and took a big breath and kept on going.  I need to wind the lottery!

Stitching has been my sanity..started 2 new projects...and am close to finishing a couple of more...this is the only current photo as the camera is at work...URGH

Tomorrow is IHOP and Saturday is PINS.  Hope to have a new finish at least!

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