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Sunday, November 20, 2011

House junk...

There are times when I hate having a home...woke up this am to NO HOT WATER!!!!!  My hot water heater died over-night...URGH!  So we have been to Home Depot first heater purchased now we just have to install it...

On a good note...yesterday was PINS and we had a great a lot was good to see everyone that does not make it on Tuesdays and a lot of the ladies that can't make it on Tuesdays on a regular basis are going to be there this week!

Been cleaning out a lot of my stash and am making room for items on my wish lists...I know it's sneaky but it works! 

Working on getting a lot of my WIPS further along..goal this next year it to finish one WIP in order to start a new project...sounds good doesn't it??  Let's see if I live up to

No photos as camera is still at work..sent myself an e-mail to remember to bring it home..

Till the next time..hope everyone has a wonderful safe and peaceful Thanksgiving!

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